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Fabiana Justus justifies returning to hospital after recovery: ‘Problem to be monitored’

The influencer is being treated for leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant in March

Fabiana Giusto, being treated for leukemia, detailed on his Instagram how his follow-up routine worked in the hospital. In the stories published this Monday the 13th, the influencer explained that she spent the morning taking exams and shared some interesting facts about what she is experiencing.

“It has nothing to do with leukemia. They are tests for something else, it’s nothing serious, but you have to monitor it. I do a lot of tests, yes, because I’m a transplant recipient. So there are a lot of tests, especially at the beginning “, said Fabiana. She was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in January, but in March she underwent a bone marrow transplant. “The ones I did today specifically address another issue that needs monitoring and has become dysregulated due to treatment,” the influencer said.

Last Friday, the 10th, Fabiana celebrated the first month of life after the bone marrow “harvest”, the moment in which the transplanted marrow begins to produce sufficient blood cells in the new patient.

He then explained how his routine worked. queries with a multidisciplinary team of doctors. “I have a weekly check-up, twice a week. I go to the hospital on Tuesdays and Fridays to see how things are going after the transplant. And every time I do blood tests using the catheter I have and magnesium replacement,” he said. said Fabiana. According to her, the drop in magnesium is already foreseen in the treatment due to the immunosuppressants that she takes, precisely so that her body does not reject the new marrow.

According to Fabiana, her new marrow worked well and she did not need to replace blood, platelets, etc. After the first 100 days with the marrow, checks will become less frequent. “Going to the hospital is not a fun routine. But I always say the worst part is over. You have to keep up, but this part is infinitely calmer than anything I’ve experienced so far. There’s no way to complain,” he said the influencer.

Fabiana also said that she was recognized in hospital by a woman, who approached her and told her that she prays for her every day. “I thought it was so beautiful, I was so happy,” she said. She thanked her fans for their love and said she was looking forward to the time when she could leave the house and meet more followers. She is currently in isolation due to treatment, which leaves her immunity low.

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Source: Terra

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