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4 tips for making balanced cocktails

Discover how to make drinks that transcend taste at home

In the world of mixology, where the art of creating cocktails is elevated to a level of true alchemy, each combination of flavors and techniques represents a unique sensory journey. And today, International Cocktail Day, the date invites us to appreciate not only the result of the mix, but also the dedication and knowledge behind every balanced creation.

In the midst of this feast of flavors, Matheus Cunha, barman at Sweet secretsbrings to light the fundamental distinction between a simple drink and an authentic cocktail: the meticulous complexity in the selection and combination of ingredients, resulting in an experience that transcends the palate.

Below, check out 4 tips for making balanced cocktails!

1. Secret of the balanced cocktail

According to Matheus Cunha, the key to creating a balanced and tasty cocktail lies in the careful selection of four essential elements: a quality base distillate, an aromatic component that adds flavor and aromaa touch of bitterness to balance the sweetness and adequate dilution to ensure the ideal consistency, since it is through water and ice that the cocktail finds its balance.

In the current cocktail scene, several trends are gaining popularity. From a preference for low-alcohol cocktails to an appreciation of local and seasonal ingredients, the search for artisanal and sustainable options and the growth of non-alcoholic cocktails reflect a shift in consumer preferences towards quality, originality and environmental awareness.

2. Trends and classics

Despite the new trends, the classics are popular Fitzgerald, penicillin AND Negroni They have maintained their position as public favorites over the years, standing out for their timelessness and ease of pleasing different palates with their flavors.

The mixologist underlines the importance of being updated on market news and for enthusiasts to know the world of cocktails in depth, for this reason, even if bar goers have already ordered a classic such as a old stylethey usually encourage them not to leave without trying an exclusive product.

Seasonality influences cocktails in all aspects

3. Seasonality

For Matheus Cunha, seasonality exerts a different influence on cocktails, from the selection of ingredients to the emotional and sensorial experience associated with each season of the year. The bartenders are inspired by the seasonal variations in the availability of fresh ingredients, the colors and the typical events of each period.

This interaction between flavors, textures, temperatures and emotional associations allows for the creation of cocktail that capture the unique spirit of each season, offering a memorable experience to customers.

4. A good cocktail at home

When it comes to making cocktails at home, Matheus Cunha emphasizes the importance of quality ice, as this is a key ingredient that can significantly influence the flavor of the cocktail. Another tip: If you prefer to sweeten your cocktail, consider using sugar syrup, which provides standardization and ease in drink preparation.

And last but not least, the quality of the ingredients is fundamental to the success of your cocktail. Therefore choose quality alcoholic bases and fresh ingredients to guarantee a refined result.

Furthermore, it highlights the importance of presentation and sensory experience when serving a cocktail. “Everything is fine drinking there is a story to tell, and the enchantment in the service makes the difference in the final experience,” he points out. Carefully choosing the right glass for each cocktail is essential, as the shape and size can greatly influence the final flavour.

By Janayna Villani

Source: Terra

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