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Peeled pillars and chipped floors give this apartment personality; see photo

The Go Up Arquitetura office project also gave priority to the storage spaces of the family collections

When clients came to the office Go to Architecture For this retrofit, they were looking for a design that would highlight the property’s original features, while meeting their daily storage needs, with plenty of personality and flow.

When developing the project they gave priority to the needs of the family, who not only uses the house intensively, but also has several record and book collections and needed ample storage space. However, they didn’t want a traditional woodwork aesthetic with lots of furniture, but rather looser, more fluid furniture.


To solve the challenge of creating a layout that accommodated all the collections and uses desired by the family, the office decided to combine two bedrooms and remove the wall between them, creating a space in which a wardrobe was installed.


In addition, the couple’s bedroom space was expanded by integrating the bathroom into the suite, which ensured more efficient circulation and allowed the installation of a cabinet on the window wall, which serves both for storing documents and as a drawer for various objects.


How customers appreciate it natural materialsas the exposed concreteand we were looking for a more casual environment, with a break in color patterns, among the finishing choices are the L-shaped peeling column in the kitchen areawhich is visible both in the kitchen and in the living room.


There are also surprising elements, such as the blue porcelain floor by Eliane in the kitchen and in the access area, which creates a contrast with the warmer and more lively colors present in the entrance door and in the blacksmith elementssuch as the door that divides the kitchen from the living room, the shelves in the kitchen and living room, and the swing door that separates the balcony from the living room.

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Source: Terra

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