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Anitta loses followers after the announcement of clips and religious outbursts: ‘Scared by the lack of evolution’

The singer was the victim of hateful comments after posting images of Candomblé

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Anita he made an outburst on his social networks, this Monday the 13th, after having suffered a wave of attacks on the announcement of the launch of music video by AcceptedWhat will show elements of Candomblé. In addition to receiving hateful comments on her posts, the 31-year-old singer has already received them he lost around 200 thousand followers from the announcement made in the morning.

In her statement, the Rio de Janeiro artist was frightened by the intolerance and said it would not delete comments opposing the clip, in an effort to show the public the extent of the bias.

“I’m still scared by the lack of evolution of humans. I’m afraid of how time passes and that humans are more intolerant. For those people who unfollowed me or who commented in disgust, I think it’s important to keep it there so people can see it exists [o preconceito]”, said the singer in a live.

Anitta also explained that, in addition to Candomblé, the clip will show other beliefs: “I show the religion of everyone involved in the production. Gabriel do Borel, for example, who is evangelical, has his own religion [no clipe]”.

“Whoever is a fan of mine knows that I am from Candomblé because of my father Mauro. But my father also has his little Umbanda things. I go for everything… Shamanism. I have a playlist on Spotify of only gospel and Catholic music. As everyone knows, I sang in church when I was little, my mom is super Catholic. I carry a rosary in my bag. I do Family Constellations, I do Kundalini, Yoga. I believe in Hinduism,” she emphasized.

For Anitta, all religions serve to take care of spirituality, as long as they are followed for correct reasons and not out of fear.

“I am a fan of religions, of all religions. In the end, in my head, they are all one, they take you down the same path if you go down it for the right reasons,” added the singer.

Currently with 64.9 million followers on Instagram, Anitta will release the video Accepted this Tuesday the 13th at 12pm (Brasilia time).

Source: Terra

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