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Eliezer claims to have earned more than R$17 million with a brand created for his daughter

The former BBB said Lua’s first birthday party was an investment to promote the growth of the Baby Tube company

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The former BBB Eliezer gave details about his financial life after leaving the reality show Globo, getting married and becoming a father to his little girl moon, one year. According to him, it is the Baby Tube brand, created in collaboration with the influencer and his wife VIII Tubeit earned more than R$17 million just until December last year.

In an interview on the program CNN on Profit, Eliezer said that Lua’s birthday party was seen as an investment for them. With the 600,000 balloons that decorated the event alone, he explained that R$1 million was spent.

“The exact value [de quanto custou a festa] I don’t have it yet. Why don’t I have it? Because I haven’t paid for everything yet. Tickets are still arriving. I know the following, our first target to spend was R$3 million, R$1 million per day. There were three days of celebration. When I say R$1 million a day, I mean hiring the artists who went to sing. And then this sum passed, it passed before the party took place,” she said.

Even though he had no idea how much the party had cost in total, Eliezer considered it a positive investment. He said that, in the days following the event, he had several meetings with businessmen interested in licensing the Baby Tube brand.

“During the holiday period, from Friday to Tuesday, Wednesday, Baby Tube earned R$2 million and sold R$2 million during the period. So, for us, it was very gratifying. Apart from what it will sell in future. Again. On YouTube, if you look now, we launched the series. We had six million views,” Eliezer said, explaining that views on YouTube are monetized.

“I know that sometimes the value is shocking. But for us at different times it has a much more sentimental value. Not only because it is the first year of the Moon, but also because we managed to realize our dream with the brand. practice,” he has declared.

Source: Terra

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