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Maya Massafera leaves the Globo actor in love after her gender transition and receives a special gift. Look at the pictures!

According to information from the Leo Dias portal, an actor from TV Globo is “obsessed” with Maya Massafera and even sent her a very special gift. Find out the details!

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After gender transitionit seemsMaya Massafera He has already won a heart! According to the portal information Leo Diasthe influencer would charm an actor from Globe and has been courted by him since he died through sexual reassignment. The commentator claims that the man, in reality, is “obsessed” with her, to the point of giving special treatment to the presenter.

Maya Massafera publishes a photo with a gift from the actor Globo

The note reads that Maya Massafera was surprised with a special gift from her admirer and the influencer revealed it through the social network itself. In a photo posted on her Instagram, she appears in an elegant look and holding a bouquet of red flowers. “Thank you,” said Maya in the caption of the click published this Tuesday (14).

Also according to the Leo Dias column, the TV Globo actor is investing with all his strength in Maya Massafera. To get closer to her he contacted several friends until he succeeded.

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Source: Terra

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