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Horacio Pancheri Confirms Samadhi Zendejas Had No ‘Empathy’ For Him When He Accused Him Of Calling Her ‘Ugly’

In October 2023, Horacio Pancheri became the protagonist of a controversy after Samadhi Zendejas accused him of calling her “ugly” in an Instagram message.

“Today I woke up to a text from Horacio insulting me… insulting me. “He used a word I would never dare say, saying I’m an ugly woman,” the actress said in a story on the social network.

Hours after Samadhi’s accusation went viral, the actor took to X to deny that he had written the letter.

“The message you received from my IG account was not written or sent by me, I was hacked, I lost control of this account at all,” he stated.

Now, half a year later, Pancheri spoke again about what happened.

Horacio Pancheri confirms that Samadhi Zendejas had no “empathy” for him

Horacio Panceri stood by his version that he did not make the offensive comment against Samadi Zendejas and even remembered what he did after his accusation.

“I replied: ‘I would never say that about you, I will see what happens in my networks, I would never offend you, I apologize,'” he said during his participation in the “Hoy día” program.

The star of soap operas like Golpe De Suerte, which you can see here on ViX, admitted that she blocked him without replying.

“I would never speak ill of a woman,” he insisted. “I come from a beautiful mother. It’s not my way to talk bad about women, let alone a colleague.”

Pancheri revealed that, in his opinion, Samadhi did not handle what happened in a proper way and even less in solidarity with him.

“And it was a personal message that she made public. So, I feel like there wasn’t a lot of empathy on her part,” he said.

Horacio Pancheri confirms that this “hurt” him.

In this new opportunity, the Argentine took the opportunity to declare that he was damaged by the dispute with Samadi Zendejas.

“They were things that happened, that affected my work, my reputation. It wasn’t from me, it was something I didn’t tell him personally,” he said.

“Something private that they make public and it affects a person who is not involved in this, who has a beautiful family, a child, that affects my reputation, it hurt and upset me a lot because it is not acceptable for colleagues to do. Let’s kill ourselves like this, it’s not my way,” he added.

Despite everything, Horacio Pancheri did not hesitate to assure: “Publicly, after so many months, if she was offended by the message, which was not for her, I apologize profusely.”

“Samandi, I’m sorry if this comment affected you, it’s not my way of life and I didn’t mean to disturb you…” concluded the melodrama heartthrob.

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