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Discover the value of the legacy that Susana Vieira will leave behind

Susana Vieira will not leave a fortune to her son who lives in the United States

Despite being one of the most acclaimed and well-known actresses on Brazilian TV, Susana Vieira has revealed that she will not leave a millionaire inheritance to her son. This is because she the actress said that she does not deny herself any luxury.

During her participation on the PodPeople podcast, Susana Vieira said that her son, Rodrigo Otavio Cardoso, and her daughter-in-law, Ketryn Goetten, will not receive a fortune upon her death. This is because the actress likes to live well and not accumulate wealth. “I want to be happy, I don’t want to know how much it will cost,” she joked.

Susana Vieira also stresses that she doesn’t want to fight over her inheritance when she dies. During an interview with Rede TV! she the artist said that she does not deny herself luxuries. “My luxury is Japanese cars, they make the right car, I don’t want to change, not even a marriage lasts 5 years. Even Ham must have a brand. My luxury is to travel first class, I can’t do that” I don’t do that anymore , everything hurts. I offer it to those who travel with me,” she revealed.

Furthermore, the actress who was in the cast of ‘Terra e Paixão’ until January, had a significant adjustment in her salary at Globo. According to the columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco, from the show “A Tarde é Sua”, Susana Vieira’s salary went from 250 thousand reals to 30 thousand reals.

Source: Terra

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