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Decision! Gracyanne takes drastic action against the person she had an affair with

The case of Gracyanne Barbosa’s betrayal of pagoda singer Belo, with personal trainer Gilson de Oliveira, has gone viral in the country

One of the most talked about news of recent times in the world of celebrities is, without a doubt, the case of the betrayal of Gracyanne Barbosa to the pagoda singer Beautifulwith the personal trainer Gilson de Oliveira.

The fitness muse lover ended up getting a lot of exposure with the situation. She has had the opportunity to partner with several brands and even open a profile on an adult content website.

But the person who didn’t seem to like this story was Gracyanne herself. Considering all the fame that Gilson received in this story, the muse decided to end the friendship and cut ties with him.


According to the LeoDias portal, since he became an influencer, the staff has been blocked by Belo’s ex-wife on all social networks.

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A post shared by Gilson Trainer (@gilson_deoliveira)

Source: Terra

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