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Fortune! Find out what the legacy of Lua, daughter of Viih Tube and Eliezer, is

The daughter of influencers Viih Tube and Eliezer, who just turned one, already has millions of reais in her bank account

The daughter of influencer and former BBB VIII Tube AND EliezerLua Di Felice, who just turned one, already has millions of reais in her bank account.

According to the little boy’s father in an interview with CNN Lucro, they earn millions with the BabyTube brand: “Until December last year we had earned R$17 million”He said.

“The brand was born just because it exists in our lives, because both Viih and I knew nothing about this world of motherhood”, She said. According to him, the brand also earned a lot of money during the big Moon year celebration.

“During the party period, from Friday to Wednesday, Babytube had earned R$2 million. After the party ended, I spent almost ten days meeting big businessmen and big brands who wanted to pay me for the brand license. we have still recovered the party’s total investment, but the return from this movement will be much greater”he revealed.

Watch a video of the party!

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