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Nizam wants to continue in the artistic world and talks about the impact of +18 content: ‘Getting used to it’

Ex-BBB was at the press conference for Paggodin, Léo Santana’s new pagoda show

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‘Dream’. It’s like the former BBB Nizam describes life after the program. She revealed this in an interview with Earth those who want to pursue an artistic career and intend to do theatre. Additionally, he said he is excited to produce more for adult content platforms.

“It was incredible, a dream lived. I have a lot of projects going on together. I want to pursue an artistic career, I want to start a theater course, we are already seeing it. So it was a dream,” she says.

The brother was present at the press conference on Wednesday 15th Paggodinnew show on the pagoda Leo Santana. He, who has only had contact with Léo Santana within the most followed house in Brazil, wants to see him again at the event.

“I wanted to meet him, I saw him inside the house. One of the videos that had the most impact on my Instagram was of me dancing to his song, really, really badly. So I want to at least meet him and hug him,” she confesses.

He recently opened a profile on an adult content platform. As for the repercussions, Nizam says “it’s interesting” and that he’s getting used to it. “I’m getting more and more used to adult content and it’s giving a great response, a very positive repercussion. It encourages me to produce more.”

Although rumors emerged in March of this year that he was in a relationship with Letícia Spiller, after the two were caught together at Lollapalooza, he guarantees that he is single.

Source: Terra

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