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Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira join the fun and react to the influencer who asked the couple for ‘a chance’

The actress and singer laughed while watching Julia Iorio’s video


Paola Oliveira AND Diogo Nogueira They burst out laughing while reacting to a video in which actress Julia Iorio asks to be able to “serve as lunch” for the couple. The joke was published on the social networks of the actress and singer, this Wednesday 15th.

In the publication, the two show their reactions while watching the girl’s humorous video. In some moments, in addition to laughing, they also respond to the influencer.

“Very sad to think that I will die without taking Diogo Nogueira and Paolla Oliveira. Guys, what couple is this? I just need a chance. I’ll make them laugh: ‘let me make lunch, man?’ How did God combine two sexy guys into one couple? Have mercy on us, Lord,” Iorio joked.

At the end of the video the influencer jokingly tells his mother that it was just a joke. Diogo and Paolla then ask: “But is it a joke now?”, while, obviously, they still can’t hold back their laughter.

Realizing that she had been “noticed” by the couple, Iorio continued the game and published a sequence of photos laughing with happiness.

Watch the video of the match:

Source: Terra

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