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The official portrait of King Charles III is dissatisfied and generates controversy on the web: ‘I have never seen anything uglier’

The painting was revealed this Wednesday the 15th, made by Jonathan Yeo, and the public did not like it

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The first official portrait of King Charles III of the United Kingdom has sparked controversy on social media. The painting was revealed on Wednesday 15th in a video showing the king himself surprised by the result. The work is signed by the painter Jonathan Yeo, but the public did not like it.

On social media, internet users pointed out that even the king himself seemed to be shocked by the portrait, done in strong shades of red and pink, which showed the king in uniform, with only his head showing.

Artist Jonathan Yeo said the red was chosen as a reference to the uniform of the King’s Guard, of which Charles was colonel in 2020, when the portrait was commissioned. “My interest is to find out who that person is and put them on the screen,” he explained.

There were those who criticized the artist’s choice and also those who made interpretations of the work. “Representation of all the blood spilled in building an empire,” said one former Twitter user. “I have never seen anything uglier,” wrote another.

Another user wondered if the painting would have the same end as the “Portrait of Winston Churchill”, a work that was burned at the request of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom himself. He didn’t like the painting at all at the time.

“It made me look like a drunk pulled out of the gutter.” he would have said according to the historian Michal Meyer. The work was created in 1954 to celebrate Churchill’s eightieth birthday.

The comparisons began in full swing on social media. There were those who remembered the film “O Som ao Redor” (2012), by Kleber Mendonça Filho. In the story, a character is bathing in a waterfall on his family’s farm when the water turns to blood, representing the violence used to obtain land.

Another X user said the red in the artwork was a reference to the leaked connection between Charles and Camilla Parker, while he was still married to Diana. In the recording he says that he wanted to be the woman’s tampon.

The work has also been compared to that of Francis Bacon and also to the haunted painting from the film Ghostbusters 2. The album cover ‘Tudo ao tempo agora’, by Titãs, has also been included in the comparison. Look down.

Source: Terra

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