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4 infallible tips for removing stains from your sofa

The expert explains how to clean different types of fabric

Who has never spilled a drink on the sofa? No matter how careful we are, annoying situations involving visitors or even children can always arise. When faced with these unexpected events, it is common to feel a mixture of desperation and uncertainty, which can lead to making mistakes during cleaning. And contrary to popular belief, cleaning with water isn’t always the best choice.

This is because each type of fabric has different properties, which require specific care. With this in mind, sofa cleaning specialist William Volkmann, CEO and founder of Mr. Sofá (sofa and carpet cleaning service), lists the main differences and precautions between the most common fabrics in Brazilian homes and how to clean them! Watch:

1. Tip for cleaning the sofa linen

Linen, found in simpler and bright colours, adds a touch of elegance to the environment. Among the most common types of fabric, it is the one that tends to get dirty most easily. Since it is lighter, you should avoid using water, as water takes time to evaporate and can stain the surface.

It is recommended to use alcohol, both cooking alcohol and even gel alcohol (diluted with water), which evaporates quickly. It is also important to avoid cloths with a lot of pigment, as they tend to release color when rubbing, staining the fabric.

2. Learn how to clean a sofa suede

Unlike the previous one, suede has darker colors and a distinct texture, making it the ideal choice for sofas that are used constantly, in spaces with children and animals. Thanks to its high resistance it does not require much attention and dirt does not appear easily.

Since this is a more textured fabric, it is important to be careful of products and foods that stick to it, such as play dough or rubber. Cleaning can be done with absorbent paper, alcohol, a little detergent and also with those multipurpose products used in the kitchen.

3. Clean fabrics easily suede

Suede is distinguished by its different texture and shares the durability found in suede. Since they are very similar fabrics, the cleaning methods are the same: use of multipurpose products, alcohol or diluted detergent. This tissue has deformities, since its origin is animal. Therefore, maintenance tends to be more constant, requiring recurring cleaning.

Natural leather stains more easily, which is why synthetic leather sofas are the best option.

4. Avoid using brushes when cleaning sofas. skin

Leather is known for its undeniable quality and is recommended for coastal or humid environments, as the fabric is water resistant. There is no need to worry too much about spilled liquids, as they will hardly penetrate the material.

However, avoid using brushes, especially those with thick bristles, which can end up scratching the surface and ruining the material. It is also worth noting that natural leather stains more easily and it is better to opt for synthetic leather.

Products to avoid when cleaning the sofa

Although each type of fabric has its own specific properties, they all share some special precautions. You should always avoid using abrasive materials, which can corrode fabrics. Avoid washing it with running water because it could damage the wood inside the sofa, and pay attention to the “miraculous” recipes found on the internet.

Most of these tend to use mixtures containing salt (sodium bicarbonate), which in large quantities can harm the body tissue, the wood and springs inside the sofa rust. Those that use vinegar should also be avoided, because they end up retaining the smell of the vinegar, leaving the sofa with a bad smell.

Invest in professional techniques

If you made a mistake while cleaning, all is not lost. Rather than attempting to repair it yourself, it is recommended that you call a specialist in the area as soon as possible (the longer the delay, the more likely it is that the stain will penetrate the fabric). The professional has specific products and knowledge that can save your furniture.

To avoid stains, William Volkmann always recommends shielding the fabric using waterproofing services. Practice does not eliminate treatment which you need to have when eating or drinking something on the sofas, but it certainly helps to avoid more serious problems.

By Victoria Muzi

Source: Terra

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