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After capturing Cida with Conrado, Isadora takes revenge on the girl in ‘Cheias de Charme’

Patricinha takes revenge on Enpreguete after causing an embarrassing moment in ‘Cheias de Charme’

The spoiled preppy ‘Full of charm‘ will be furious to see that his lover is paying attention to his biggest rival in the plot and will take revenge on his enemy in the soap opera rerun on ‘Special edition’.

This Thursday 16 Isadora (Gisella Batista) will be jealous after capturing Conrado (Jonatas Faro) praising Cida (Isabelle Drummond). After an outburst, the couple argues violently and the relationship falters.

So the dondoca ends up getting advice from Ariela (Simone Gutierrez) who tells the gold digger not to mess with the groom before the wedding. Isadora then thinks of a way to get revenge on Cida and invites Conrado to go to the pool.


The boy accepts and does not imagine that it was a joke on the part of his future wife, since Cida shows up at the pool party and the atmosphere becomes intense, leaving the young woman embarrassed and Isadora victorious because her plan worked.

Source: Terra

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