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Missinho, former singer of Chiclete com Banana, has died at the age of 64

Missinho, lead singer and founder of the Bahian band Chiclete com Banana, dies at the age of 64; discover the details!

Edmilson de Amorim Ferreira, better known as Missinho, died at the age of 64 this Thursday, 16/05, in Salvador. The singer is the former lead singer of the band gum with banana ee remained in the group from 1980 to 1986.

According to the family, the cause of the artist’s death was multiple organ failure. Missinho was admitted to the Roberto Santos hospital in Salvador at the beginning of May due to a kidney crisis.

Before that, Missinho had already been hospitalized for three months at the Lauro de Freitas Metropolitan Hospital and the Sagrada Família Hospital.

Missinho’s career

The musician was invited to join the group in 1980, when the name was still in existence Scorpio. In 1981, the band became gum with banana and was successful in the following years with several hits.

In 1986 he left the group to pursue a solo career. Bell Marques subsequently took over vocals, remaining in the group until 2014.

Source: Terra

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