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Madonna in Rio: Copacabana Sand is sold as a rare item on the web

Madonna’s show in Rio de Janeiro took place free of charge on Copacana Beach, one of the main tourist attractions in the capital of Rio de Janeiro

One of the biggest shows of 2024 (and one of the biggest in Brazilian history), Madonna for the Celebration Tour in Rio de Janeiro remains a subject to this day. On the internet, some people who were supposedly present at the presentation put the sand in the Copacabana beach for sale.

The product comes packaged in a plastic container and is sold for just US$8.99, approximately R$46 at the current price. Interestingly, the sand is not sent to Brazil, the country from where it would have been taken.

In the description in eBay, the seller explains how the volume contains 30 ml of sand grains from the Rio beach. “This is an exclusive collectible item from Celebration Tourin Madonna, in Rio de Janeiro. Features a beautiful sand design that captures the essence of the celebration. It’s a perfect addition to any collection of memorabilia and travel souvenirs,” the listing says. “The item is carefully crafted to detail the various aspects of the show. The sand was from the show on the beach.

Source: Rollingstone

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