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Indirect? Davi’s ex, Mani Reggo, publishes a new controversial post: ‘Winner…’

Mani Reggo shares a controversial publication and indirectly targets “BBB 24” champion Davi on the web

Hands Reggo, ex-girlfriend of Davide Brito, sparked controversy on social media this Friday 5/17. The snack seller published a post that divided opinions and gave fans of the former BBB something to talk about.

Mani reposted a photo of a person who took a photo with her. However, in the caption, the boy would have targeted the champion of BBB 24.

They wouldn’t tell me where to find Mani Reggo, but I found it. For those who don’t know, she was the winner of BBB 24″, the publication said. Mani reposted the story, but the content was apparently deleted soon after.

The attitude of Davi’s ex had repercussions on the internet: “She is ashamed”, said a netizen. “I think I looked at the wrong BBB,” mocked another. “What a ridiculous woman”he blew up the third.


Indirect? Davi’s ex, Mani Reggo, publishes a new controversial post – Reproduction/Instagram

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A post shared by Davi Brito (@daviooficialll)

Source: Terra

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