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Rayanne Morais, Latino’s ex-wife, talks about the singer’s cheating

Rayanne Morais revealed behind the scenes of her breakup with Latino

The digital influencer Rayanne Morais she spoke again about her ex-husband, the singer Latinrecalling the behind the scenes of the end of her marriage after discovering that she had been cheated on.

In a podcast interview Talking parrot, Rayanne revealed that while planning the wedding, Latino was “having children with other women”. Refers to Matheus AND Valentinathe singer’s youngest children, both ten years old, from previous relationships.

“I got married and I discovered that that man had made a Matheus and a Valentina. One was two months old and the other one month old. While I was getting married, he was giving birth. I didn’t know, then I found out later”she said.

Currently married to Vittorio PecoraroRayanne added “the nice thing is that the math is exact, right? You can’t lie about this because there are Matheus and Valentina, and just check their ages and you’ll see that they were born before I got married”he concluded.

Look at his photo!

Source: Terra

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