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Ferrugem launches the second part of the ten-year career project

“The Jheison of ten years ago would be proud“, he reflects Rust, on the destinations of his career. Now available on all music platforms, the album Rust 10 years, vol. 2: playback celebrate this celebration. The second part of the show, recorded in Sao Paulo (the first volume was released in April), to celebrate the singer’s journey, presents 13 new songs. Furthermore, names such as Péricles, Mari Fernandez and Menos É Mais lend their voices to the commemorative repertoire.

“The year 2024 is a year of pure emotion. Celebrating 10 years on the road like this, putting on a big show like this on the street, is the stuff of dreams for me”celebrates the artist, who baptized himself as Jheison Failde de Souza and began his journey singing in the pagodeira scene of his home neighborhood, Campo Grande (Rio de Janeiro).

The flagship of the new album, the new track Play again won a live music video. “It’s a beautiful song, it’s like a movie. And it has lyrics full of anguish, of anguish, but in that pleasant way that is the face of the pagoda… I will really enjoy performing this story on stages all over the country”explains the carioca.

The single is the first of four new songs that are part of the audition. From bed to bedalso composed specifically for the project, features Péricles as a special guest. “I couldn’t have celebrated my career without him: Péricão is my biggest idol, owner of one of the greatest voices in the country. It’s always an honor to share the stage with him“, celebrates Ferrugem, who has a long-standing relationship with the Sao Paulo samba artist.

Already inside How can you?, the singer shares her voice with Mari Fernandez, one of the main hitmakers of the country scene and today. The musician says that the Ceará singer arrived more recently in her life, but has already become a great friend. “I really admire the power of her work… And I’m happy that she was able to bring that power to our show. This duet together is amazing“.

The song Who ever, one of the two appearances that the group Menos É Mais makes on the album, closes the quartet of songs created exclusively for the commemorative project. The song is composed by Ferrugem, in collaboration with Lincoln de Lima, his long-time collaborator.

Furthermore, the repertoire of Rust 10 years, vol. 2: playback It also retraces various moments in the Rio de Janeiro artist’s catalogue. In the mix Air conditioned/soapyfor example, it pays homage to his first album, released in 2015. Double Absurd way AND Days of peaceinstead, they celebrate their latest studio album (Interesting2023).

In turn, the trio Drum sound, patience AND Pirate and scissors close the tracklist by revisiting the live performance Nice to meet you, my name is Rust (2018), LP that launched the young Jheison to national stardom.


Source: Terra

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