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Mani Reggo, Davi’s ex-wife, claims she was the real champion of ‘BBB 24’

Trader Mani Reggo allegedly reposted a fan’s post who claimed to be the real winner of “BBB24”

This Friday, the 17th, the ex-wife of Davide Brito, Hands I holdallegedly reposted a fan’s post in a place that appeared to be a restaurant.

In the images, the internet user wrote: “They didn’t want to tell me where to find @manireggo but I found it lol. For those who don’t know, she was the winner of BBB 24” Since he supposedly reposted this post, it sparked something to say on social media.

Internet users were outraged by the merchant’s attitude. “Mani played BBB 24 and I never saw her in the house? I think I watched the wrong show! Who is bolder: the one who writes ‘For those who don’t know, she was the winner of ‘BBB24’ or the one who shares?“, one asked.

She has more courage than to republish herself in a lie like that. What a cynical woman! The person David described in the house was an admirable woman. David really didn’t know her, because she is no longer the girlfriend she once had!“said a fan of Davi.

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Source: Terra

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