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After leaking her resignation, Susana Vieira threatens to take her own life if she leaves Globo

Susana Vieira has worked for the Rio channel for 54 years and revealed she doesn’t see herself working anywhere else

This Wednesday (15th), Susanna Vieira was interviewed on the program “The afternoon is yours”from the TV network!and talked about the possibility of leaving TVGlobo.

When asked if she would change the station, the actress made it clear that she couldn’t see herself working on another channel and even threatened to kill herself if she was fired. It is worth mentioning that the attraction’s columnist, Alessandro Lo-Bianco recently announced that thePlatinum Venus he intends to fire the actress in 2026 when her contract expires.

“My love, if I’m up there at the Globe, do I move to another channel? Why? Without getting rid of them…”the artist asked. “Here I am the queen, I don’t know if you understand”explained Susana Vieira.

Radical attitude

Has continued: “If I left Globo like this now, I think I would kill myself. Because I would say: ‘You’re crazy, I would never leave here. I’ll kill myself, because I don’t know how to live without you'”.

I wait:

Source: Terra

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