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Tony Ramos undergoes new surgery, medical report says

The statement informs that the actor is well, is conscious and breathing normally, without the need for equipment.

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The Samaritan Hospital released a new medical bulletin on Sunday evening, the 19th, informing that the actor Tony Ramos had to undergo a new surgery. According to the statement, signed by Dr. Paulo Niemeyer’s team, Tony Ramos is fine, he is conscious and breathing normally, without the need for equipment.

According to the bulletin, he developed coagulation disorders, which led to the formation of new intracranial hematomas.

This is the second procedure Tony Ramos, 75, has undergone to treat a blood clot in his brain. He was admitted last Thursday, the 16th, to the Samaritan Hospital, where he underwent the first surgery to drain the clot.

On Saturday 18th Tony Ramos was transferred from the Intensive Care Center (CTI) to a semi-intensive department, after being discharged from the first surgery.

He was admitted to hospital after feeling unwell and canceling his recordings. This year the actor celebrated 60 years of career, 46 years at Globo. His most recent work was in soap operas Land and passion.

Sub dural hematoma

In an interview with Earth youneurosurgeon Victor Hugo Espíndola explained that there are two types of this hemorrhage that is located under the dura mater, which is one of the membranes that covers the brain: acute and chronic.

Acute subdural hematoma is usually the result of trauma resulting from a severe impact, such as a car accident, a fall from a motorcycle, or a fall from a height. Chronic subdural hematoma grows little by little and can occur even in low-impact trauma situations.

The doctor says that chronic subdural hematoma is more common in the elderly and in people who use anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs and in alcoholics.

“It was probably the case with Tony Ramos, we can have everything from headaches to a more intense condition that can lead to loss of strength on one side of the body, drowsiness and, if left untreated, even coma,” he says the expert.

Source: Terra

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