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Clint Eastwood saw this Quentin Tarantino film and knew he would see something special: “Very interesting and exciting”

The director and the actor recalled what it was like to experience the screening of the film at the Cannes Film Festival firsthand.

The first official screening of pulp Fiction It was 1994, at the Cannes Film Festival. Against all odds, the film caused a sensation. So much so that it even won the Palme d’Or. That same year, Clint Eastwood He was the president of the Cannes jury. He was therefore the leader of the group of people chosen to present the prizes at the prestigious festival and, therefore, one of those who decided that the main prize would go to Tarantino.

The truth is that Eastwood knew, while watching Pulp Fiction, that Tarantino had done something special. The director recalled 13 years ago, in an interview with the American Film Institute, what it was like to see the film for the first time. What struck him most was the reaction of the other members of the jury. And although at first he was a little surprised, he recognized the greatness of the film.

“I was surprised that it was the Europeans on the jury who started jumping for joy. Some of them turned around and said: ‘This is the best film. This is the best film of the festival,'” he began Eastwood. .

And he added:

I didn’t get excited right away. I was still evaluating things in my mind. Without a doubt it was interesting and exciting, and it came at a time when we needed a little excitement, because it came right after some films that left us shocked.

Pulp Fiction wasn’t Tarantino’s first time at Cannes. The director went to Cannes in 1992 with Rent dogs. However, it was the film that won the Palme d’Or and…

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