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This is probably the craziest movie ever to screen at Cannes: We saw The Substance with Demi Moore

If you imagine the craziest scenes, intriguing body deformations and a story that defies the impossible, The Substance goes even further. More than you can imagine. Seven years after her first film, Revenge, Coralie Farjit captivates festival goers, turning a simple movie screening into a moment of collective euphoria.

The substance presented in the contest is based on a powerful concept: What if you could create another version of yourself? Better, more beautiful, stronger. This is the choice of the famous actress Elizabeth Sparkle (Demi Moore), who constantly echoed her image and years. He then subscribes to The Substance. Another version of herself (Margaret Cowell) is born, but the experience is not without sacrifice.

A woman and devoted filmmaker, Coral Farjit He never hides his struggle, from the first short films and Revenge. In this very ambitious new project, which lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes, it reflects a feeling not only for women, of course, but also closely related to the orders of patriarchal society.

How can a woman who has spent her life in front of cameras and cannot escape its reflection, adapt to her complexes, changes in her body. How far is he willing to go to please? Substance is a parable about self-denial.

crazier than crazy

On screen, Coralie Fargeat is economical with words. The pictures speak for themselves. It’s all in the body’s work. First, that Demi Moore “Absolutely fascinating, finding a role that matches his talent,” and then— Margaret Quayle. The style of the substance is skewed comicsTransforming their bodies into super women.

But then horror? It comes down slowly, and when it’s there, Coral Farge doesn’t stop. It pushes the boundaries further and further until it shatters the glass ceiling in a blinding finale that surpasses even the worst monsters in David Cronenberg’s cinema. There is blood, a lot of blood, but Substance Not based on intolerable violence. It takes the viewer’s mind to places it has never been explored before.

“Substance” of Coral Fargit.

Many references run through the feature film. Klipesque scenes, an obvious homage to The Shining, but above all to completely insane eighties horror cinema like Elmer, Brainstorm.

No, the substance will not appeal to everyone, but it is not intended to. Coralie Fargeat shows all the richness of her imagination, saturated with her feminist thoughts – let’s say even humanist – and real anger. What would Barbie director Greta Gerwig think? Answer at the end of the festival.

The 77th Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 14 to 25, 2024.

Source: Allocine

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