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Leandro Hassum reveals he will become a grandfather: ‘The greatest gift of my life’

The comedian announced the pregnancy of his daughter Pietra, 24; the child already has a name and received an emotional statement from his grandfather

Leandro Hassum, 50 years old, announced this Monday, 20, that he will become a grandfather. The comedian published a post celebrating the pregnancy of his daughter Pietra, 24 years old.

“Here, I will become a grandfather. The greatest gift of my life and that of my grandmother,” he wrote. “I love you, daughter, and I will spoil my beautiful granddaughter very much.”

The comedian revealed that his granddaughter will be named Aurora, in honor of her great-grandmother, “who is there from heaven and blesses us a lot.” “Congratulations to dad, Caio, and also to the grandparents, thanks for the son who is now also my son”, he added.

Leandro’s wife, Karina, also commented on the publication. “My God, how quickly time flies! What joy! How crazy! Schedule another Botox session in 3, 2, 1…” she joked.

Leandro Hassum and his daughter Pietra

Source: Terra

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