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“Action! And I fell asleep”: Jeremy Renner’s difficult return to the set of Kingstown mayor

He survived the worst. Jeremy Renner is back in the spotlight a little less than eighteen months after his near fatal snowplow accident. The actor spoke to the LA Times about returning to the set of his series The Mayor of Kingstown.

Background: In January 2023, Jeremy Renner crashed his own snow plow, which weighed nearly 6.5 tons, and suffered significant chest trauma – including a pneumothorax – and 38 broken bones.

In the Paramount+ series The Mayor of Kingstown, he plays Mike McClusky, a man of influence in a fictional Michigan town where incarceration is the order of the day. He returned to the set last January, a year after the accident.

difficult return

Jeremy Renner said LA Times that in the first week of work he fell asleep while shooting a scene: “They said, “Action!” and I fell asleep. We realized that they were making me work too many, too many hours, too many days in a row“.”What I am willing to do is actually everything, but what I can do is something else.

The producers then helped her by changing the shooting schedule as the time difference was now extremely hard on her body. Instead of traveling back and forth to California, Renner stayed in Pittsburgh for most of the four months of filming. He even jokes about it:

They should have treated me like a child actor. The mayor of Kingstown now looks like a 14-year-old.

One of the actor’s eyes popped out of his skull after a snowplow accident. But, Renner said, the accident had an unexpected benefit. He says he now has a photographic memory, which is useful for memorizing dialogue.

What if my eyeball came out? I have better vision in this eye than the other. I think I’m going to do bionics.

Season 3 of The Mayor of Kingstown is expected on June 2nd on Paramount+.

Source: Allocine

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