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Profit or loss? Wanessa Camargo Reveals Her Career After ‘BBB 24’: ‘Gigantic….’

Singer Wanessa Camargo Opens Up and Reveals Her Career After Appearing on ‘BBB 24’

Singer Wanessa Camargo returned to the stage after the end of BBB 24. Happy with life, the celebrity opened her heart to her in an interview with Faces and talked about the new phase of his career.

Leaving aside the controversies, the daughter of Zeze Di Camargo he said participation in the reality show has increased demand for his shows. “The most important thing is to get back on stage. We have had a huge increase in demand for shows”I’m shooting.

I love the stage. I’m tidying up the house. I reorganized the family, the team, we have many new people. This is how I work. I spend a few days listening to myself, thinking about the sound, the themes. I am looking for the ideal people for this job. I already have some ideas, clues about what I want to bring. But it’s a process I’ll follow to organize my ideas. I am a person who cares about every detail. I like to drive everything. There are many good things to do!”, completed Wanessa.


As for the criticism, the star guarantees that she is already used to it. “I’ve had a thick skin on this topic for 23 years. I got booed at my first award. I’ve faced this judgment both in the media and on a personal level. I won’t say it doesn’t hurt, but we have to learn to deal with it. That’s the thing wonderful of maturity: when we know what the priority is in our life, the vision of the other is not my truth, it is his truth about me and it says more about him than about me I know what I have experienced, been through and felt Only I am capable of understanding all this. Reality is inside and the rest is external, outside of my control.”he mused.

It is worth mentioning that Wanessa Camargo was kicked out of BBB 24 after being accused of assault David.

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