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Former BBB Clara Aguilar Reveals Her Marriage With Musician Is Open: ‘I’m Not Monogamous’

Married to musician Gui Daga, former BBB Clara Aguilar reveals that she does not believe in monogamy and lives in an open relationship

Clara Aguilarparticipant of ‘BBB 14’, confessed her marriage to the musician Giu Daga It’s open. Together for 8 years, the couple is not a fan of monogamy, meaning they can have more than one partner. On social media, the celebrity revealed the reason for choosing him and stressed that she maintains a healthier relationship.

“I’m non-monogamous and, honestly, I don’t believe in monogamy. And that doesn’t mean my husband and I go around having sex with everyone all the time. The key to any healthy relationship is dialogue,” she says. She said.

The former BBB also explained that, before finding someone else, she and her husband talk and reach a consensus. “Always respecting everyone’s limits, feelings and desires”, highlighted.

And he added: “Repressing your wants and desires has only brought you frustration. Before you can be honest with your partner, you need to be honest with yourself. Contrary to what many people think, living non-monogamously has taught me a lot about freedom, respect and trust.”

It is worth mentioning that years before starting a relationship with her husband, when she was still in “BBB 14”, Clara began a romance with Vanessa, champion of the edition, but it did not last long. At the moment, Vanessa he is engaged to the singer Thor Moraesguitarist of the band Malta, and the person who introduced him to him was Clara.

Check out the photos of the couple!

Source: Terra

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