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A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Wednesday 22 May 2024 Episode 98 [SPOILERS]

WARNING, THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE OF Plus belle la vie, EVEN PLUS BELLE, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON ON TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

On Wednesday 22 May at Plus belle la vie, even more…

Is Lucy a victim of harassment?

Jean-Paul calls Yolande to the police station. Reason ? He wants to know more about Lucy’s behavior. Unfortunately, Leah’s grandmother has not decided to talk. So Jean-Paul warns him: “Now let me deal with Leah.”

At lunch, Jean-Paul gives Lucy a surprise when she leaves school. It’s a bad idea because the teenager is embarrassed, especially since some of his classmates make fun of him.

Jean-Paul gives his daughter a hamburger and fries, but Lucy is very angry. He refuses to go home with her and says: “You have to stop lying to me, I can’t take it anymore.” Jean-Paul is embarrassed by what happened.

Returning home, Jean-Paul asks his daughter to explain. The latter said to him: “You embarrassed me in front of the whole school” Then he goes to his room. A few minutes later, Jean-Paul informs Leah that Yolande thinks Lucy is hiding something. But what ?

The father wonders if Lucy might abuse a colleague. So Lea suggests that he go talk to her, but Jean-Paul doesn’t know how to approach the matter, although he’s used to dealing with this kind of trouble at work. Will Leah and Boher find a way out?

Killian learns the unbelievable about Betty

At the Masalia residence, Jules tries to contact Killian. But the young man, who has just experienced very difficult days, feels betrayed. He said to his friend: “The hardest part of this story is that usually when you have a true friend, he has to support you, support you in any situation.”

Jules tries to justify himself, but the tension between the two men grows. Killian grabs him by the neck and tells him directly in his eyes that he no longer considers him a friend. Will she forgive Jules?

Later, Killian and Aya were called to Mistral police station. Mayline informs them that they have been found not guilty of the actions they have been accused of and that they can claim financial compensation. They reply that they just want to move on and leave.

Ariane arrests them, but Aya refuses to spend another minute with the police. However, Killian agrees to listen to what the policeman has to tell him. Contrary to all expectations, Ariane tells the young man: “I look up to you as a hero, what you did was very brave.”.

Killian apologizes and asks how Betty managed to put it all together. The policeman informs that he was counting everything for a while. In addition, she explains to him that Betty is going to be interned in a mental hospital. For this reason : “He will probably never be tried for what he did.” Will Killian and Aya manage to rebuild themselves?

The second victim of the collapse?

Samuel and Jean-Paul are called to reinforce a construction site in Marseille. The PTS informs them that they found something in the basement of one of the two buildings that collapsed: human bones found. This new case promises to be difficult for Jean-Paul, as it brings back painful memories of the destruction of Mistral, especially since it is where Abdel Fedala and his family lived.

Meanwhile, Ulis Kepler shows Leah a blueprint of the ruined buildings. He explains to her that it was the building Abdel lived in that supposedly caused the other buildings to fall. And for good reason, one of the load-bearing walls has weakened.

While she is discussing this autopsy with Ulysses, Leah gets a call informing her that bones have been found at a construction site. Therefore, it would be the second victim of the collapse on January 24, 2023. Who is it?

At the police station, Samuel informs Jean-Paul that it is not possible to analyze the bones at the moment because they are in such bad shape. Furthermore, he is convinced that the location where these fragments were found corresponds to Vault 11, the vault that belonged to Abdel and Barbara.

In the afternoon, Leah meets Blanche and Barbara at the bar Le Mistral. In a hesitant voice, he tells them that Building 7 caused the collapse and that one of the load-bearing walls was damaged.

Barbara is outraged by this statement. It brings back painful memories. Crying, she confides to her friends that she feels guilty for Abdel’s death. And for good reason, he and Yael weren’t present during the destruction.

Leah takes advantage of Barbara’s absence to tell Blanche the second piece of bad news: the remains of a corpse have been found. Blanche replies that she wants to warn Barbara because she really doesn’t want to hear about it through the media.

At the end of the day, Nisma walks Barbara home. The bereaved mother is still upset. The two women reminisce about their memories with Abdel, and Nisma confides in Barbara: “He was like a father to me.”

Suddenly, Barbara receives an SMS: an insult. Reason ? He is accused of being responsible for the destruction of buildings. How will Yael’s mother overcome this new ordeal?

Source: Allocine

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