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After the controversy, Thammy Miranda talks about fatherhood: ‘I am the father who takes care’

Sao Paulo councilor Thammy Miranda angered the LGBTQIA+ community by saying he no longer remembered being a trans man

The name of the advisor Thammy Miranda has become popular again in recent days, when he declared that he doesn’t even remember being a trans man and was criticized by members of the LGBTQIA+ movement.

For this reason, the son of Gretchen he decided to talk about the family and his relationship with the heir Bento, 4 years old, the result of the marriage with the model and influencer Andressa Ferreira.

“I am the father who: I am attentive to my son, who takes care of my wife, of my house, who does not abandon her when the boy is sick. If that type of father represents you, that is the type of father who I’m so simple”, said Thammy Miranda in an interview with Flow podcast.

Sula Miranda’s nephew also warned that he does not intend to raise flags or use the issue as a platform for political work. “I don’t remember being a trans man. It’s terrible for me to say it, because militancy will come down on me now more than ever. But I’m honest, opening my heart: I don’t remember, but I know the representation I have,” Thammy said.

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