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Adele praises Sabrina Carpenter for single ‘Espresso’: “My jam”

British star Adele praised the young pop star Sabrina Carpenter.

For her, the hit viral Espresso it’s her “jam”, as she herself defines the phrase: “I work late, because I’m a singer.”

AdeleIn 36 years oldhe was performing at the Colosseum at Palazzo Cesare at his residence in the city of Las Vegas (USA) as part of the show Weekend with Adele last weekend, when he shared with his audience where he loved to listen to the pop singer 25 years old.

“When I went to bed last night β€” because it’s really late for me, I’m usually in bed by 9 p.m. β€” I found myself singing, ‘I work late, ’cause I’m a singer,'” she continued, singing the lyrics of the song “Espresso”, which topped the charts. “That Sabrina Carpenter song! ‘I can’t relate to desperation.’ This song is my jam!”, revealed.

Sabrina Carpentierewhen I heard about the praise from Adelehe replied cheerfully: β€œAll I read is that Adele thinks about me in bed (sic).”

Source: Terra

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