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The court orders the seizure of Belo’s fees to repay the debt of R$1 million

The singer was ordered to compensate the event producer after failing to attend a show in Jaboticabal, SP, in 2010

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Convicted of failing to show up for a show for which he was hired in 2010, singer Belo had new payments and garnished fees by decision of the Court of San Paolo pto pay off a debt that, in 2024, was estimated at around R$ 1 million.

The amount is owed to event producer Flávio Silva Andrade, who was responsible for the show that supposedly took place in the town of Jaboticabal, inland from São Paulo, 14 years ago. On this occasion, Belo’s absence caused uproar and clashes among the public. The information comes from Rogério Gentile’s column, from Uoland was confirmed by Earth.

During the trial, the manufacturer argued that, in the confusion caused by Belo’s absence, the bar was invaded and the event’s box office was looted. He also stated that he began to receive threats, that he was insulted and that he had gravestones placed in his house.

The singer’s defense argued that he did not receive all of the previously agreed upon compensation, in addition to the fact that Belo was not responsible for security at the event and that there was no evidence that the box office had been looted.

In the ruling, Judge Amanda Sachsida Garcia stressed that Belo’s team had sufficient time, between the scheduled date of payment of the fee and the performance of the show, to complain about the failure to pay the amount due and even cancel the show .

The conviction took place in 2019, but since the singer did not make the payment, the Court ordered the seizure of new fees last Tuesday, the 14th. Belo can no longer appeal the decision, since the case has become final and unappealable. It is up to the singer’s defense to question the calculation of the compensation amounts.

The decision invites artistic production companies and media services to deposit, in a judicial account, the amounts that Belo must receive for performances, licenses and music royalties.

OR Earth he tried to contact the defenses of Belo and Flávio Andrade, but received no response. The space remains open for demonstrations.

Source: Terra

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