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Compromised CNN reporter falls from 3rd floor after ‘jumping fence’

Compromised CNN reporter falls from 3rd floor after ‘jumping fence’

Compromised, the journalist falls 12 meters from a building while he was on an appointment during working hours

A journalist from CNN Brazil he fell from a height of over 12 meters in Brasilia, to the 3rd floor, when he had a date, during work, with a man he met on a gay dating app.

The information comes from the portal Leo Dias.The journalist is (or was) busy and living with her boyfriend. Colleagues learned of the incident last Thursday, the 23rd. However, the details were not disclosed and many thought that what happened to the boy could have been an attempted robbery.

However, CNN colleagues only found out about this through the press on Monday. 27, what actually happened to the journalist.

The fall

Due to the fall on the 3rd floor, the communicator broke his femur, pelvis and both ankles. She must rest for 90 to 120 days without being able to set foot on the ground.

Source: Terra

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