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The Fox host continues the newspaper after swallowing “fly” live;  he controls the moment

The Fox host continues the newspaper after swallowing “fly” live; he controls the moment

The presenter’s professional attitude was praised by internet users: “She deserved a raise”

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The journalist Vanessa Welchanchoring of Boston 25 Newsnetwork affiliate FoxTVattracted public attention in recent days when he swallowed what appeared to be a fly while presenting the news.

In a video circulating online it is possible to identify something in the area around the eyes. She then blinks a few times, which causes her apparent bug to fall straight into her mouth. At the time of the accident, Vanessa showed only mild discomfort, but she did not allow this to interfere with her work.

The video went viral on social media and X users, earlier Twitter, they discussed what Vanessa swallowed. Although she looks like a fly, many people have speculated that she was part of her false eyelashes. Others believe that she is actually an insect, as the presenter gave a brief look of disgust. Whether she is an animal or an object, unanimously the professionalism of Welch was praised.

“This is professionalism,” wrote one internet user: “No! He needs a raise, he didn’t bat an eye,” another wrote. “I’ve never seen this level of professionalism, damn,” a third commented. “My natural instincts would have taken over and I would have immediately walked away screaming disaster,” said a fourth. “Losing an eyelash is embarrassing enough, but swallowing it on live TV? This is too weird!,” said another.

Vanessa Welch he is not the first journalist to swallow something live. In 2014, on British soil, the reporter Adam Boultonfrom the News from heaven, swallowed a fly. Boulton was on a street roof talking to the study leader when he was surprised by the insect. The presenter was worried about the situation. “Do you want to take a break?” To which he replied: “No, I swallowed a fly, everything is fine, I’m recovered.”

Source: Terra

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