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Lucas Buda says he’s ‘willing to come out’ if he’s the father of MC Bin’s cousin Nina Capelly’s son

Lucas Buda says he’s ‘willing to come out’ if he’s the father of MC Bin’s cousin Nina Capelly’s son

Nina announced her pregnancy and claims that the paternity belongs to the former BBB because, according to her, all sexual intercourse took place without a condom


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The former BBB Luca Buddha he spoke publicly for the first time about the possibility of becoming a father, this Thursday the 30th. On his Instagram profile, the professor confessed that he didn’t expect to receive such news, much less the way in which it was given to him. But Buddha was willing to commit as a father, if the bond could be demonstrated.

“Yesterday was a bit eventful, wasn’t it? I was taken by surprise by the possibility of fatherhood. And you know that I have always talked about my desire to become a father, I said so on the show. It’s obvious that it didn’t happen like this” it has to be like this, but I have always talked about this desire, this desire. I have a little bit of a complex relationship with this topic because of my history of, well, not knowing my biological father, a number of issues like that,” she began.

“But I am here, willing to take on all my responsibilities, to play my role, not to run away from the consequences of my actions,” Buddha continued.

Lucas added that he has already arranged a meeting Nina Capelly so that the two of you can talk about the situation in person. The woman Buda got involved with is the cousin of MC Bin, his former prison colleague on BBB24.

Remember the case

Singer Nina Capelly approached the magazine Who to announce that she is pregnant and that she believes the baby belongs to the capoeirista. The two had a brief relationship shortly after the reality show, but are no longer together. After Nina’s statement, Buda said he was willing to take a DNA test, but did not believe he was her father.

When she was in a romance with Buddha, it was the funk singer who revealed the relationship on social media. The relationship ended shortly after and, since then, Nina began dating her manager, Ketlin Hernandes. For this reason she believes that there is a possibility that the child belongs to the capoeirista.

“I’m 70% sure it’s his. I’ve been alone with him until now, and I assumed so [um relacionamento] with my manager, there is no way I can get pregnant with her,” she argued. Nina also said she had not been in a relationship with another man before her ex BBB: “Just before I met the Buddha, I ended a four-year relationship, but when I was with the Buddha, I wasn’t with anyone anymore. ”

Even with the possibility of the baby being her ex-boyfriend’s, MC Binn’s cousin believes the baby would be Lucas’s. Therefore, after the shock of seeing the positive pregnancy test result, he tried to contact the capoeirista. However he didn’t get the response he expected.

“I’m a little tearful. I tried to contact Lucas. He didn’t want to talk to me. I wanted to speak directly with him, I sent him an audio explaining everything. I am very sensitive,” he told Quem.

Nina Capelly defends the paternity of the former BBB because, according to her, all sexual intercourse took place without a condom. To the magazine, the funk singer also recalled taking the morning-after pill after having an affair with Buddha.

Source: Terra

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