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Most recent!  Juliette talks about her age difference with her boyfriend: “he IS mature”

Most recent! Juliette talks about her age difference with her boyfriend: “he IS mature”

Singer Juliette talks about her relationship with athlete Kaique Cerveny and opens up about their age difference

Singer Juliet spoke about his relationship with the athlete Kaique Cerveny. In an interview on the program In Palma de Marithe 34-year-old celebrity commented on the age difference with her lover, who is 25 years old.

“Despite being younger, he is very mature. And this is what enchanted me. Don’t be too jealous, don’t have the vanity of wanting to appear too much, understand that everyone stands out in their own field.“said the champion BBB 21.

And he continued: “He’s the South American champion of his sport, so he’s already the best at what he does. I don’t need to compete. And I see relationships end or women get silenced for these reasons. Too much vanity and the guy who wants a inferior woman. I want someone like me.”


Juliette confessed that it took her a while to start dating because she was ‚Äútraumatised. “I was traumatized. So, before I started a relationship, a relationship, I wanted to understand if it would really work, so as not to wear myself out, stress about things that wouldn’t go forward. I preferred to understand them and get to know them. About eight months went by without dating.”reported.

The influencer later stated that she is not insecure around men. “In addition to being attractive, he is a very good person. I’m too calm about it, I think he’s great. I may not be the most beautiful or hottest woman in the world, but I guarantee myself a lot. I’m intelligent, I have charisma. I have never been insecure around men. I don’t think it’s necessary, whoever wants to do it can do it. And it’s really beautiful, you have to find it”he concluded.

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