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With 70% certainty that he will become a father, Lucas ‘Buda’ meets Nina Capelly to talk about the pregnancy and the future of the relationship

With 70% certainty that he will become a father, Lucas ‘Buda’ meets Nina Capelly to talk about the pregnancy and the future of the relationship

Pregnant funk singer Nina Capelly says she is due to meet with ex BBB over the weekend to talk about her pregnancy. MC Binn’s cousin said she is 70% sure that Lucas “Buda” is her father. Find out more!

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With 70% chance of becoming a father, Lucas “Buda” declared that he will not shirk his responsibilities. After Nina Capelly confirm that she is pregnant and that the child could be the former BBB, the capoeirista has set up a meeting with MC Binn’s cousin to talk about paternity and more details on their relationship, which had ended after being exposed in the media.

“I am willing to take on my responsibilities, fulfill my role and not run away from the consequences of my actions. I have already contacted Nina to provide me with support and I am in contact with Nina to go to Sao Paulo to talk in person,” he said Camila Moura’s ex-husband through social networks.

“He’ll be here tomorrow,” reveals Nina Capelly

Now, Nina Capelly, who said she’s “70 percent” sure he’s the father, has provided details on how her relationship with Lucas “Buda” is going. The singer said that the teacher they were interested in the pregnancy and said that, this weekend, they should meet to talk.

“There are a lot of people asking me if the Buddha is attentive, if he is talking to me… yes, he is giving me all the attention he can. He asks me if I am okay, if I need something, if it happens something, tell me to rest. In fact, he will come here tomorrow evening, and we should see each other on Saturday.

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