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Aysha Benelli, Laura in the remake of ‘Carousel’, is now 21 years old and causes controversy for the photos with cleavage and exposed belly

Aysha Benelli, daughter of Simony and Afro-X, responded this Tuesday (11) to followers who criticized her for having published a video in which she appears with her cleavage and belly on display.

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Daughter of Simony and Afro-X, Aisha Benelli Today he is 21 years old and is making waves on social media. Known in the media for playing the Laura in the remake of Carrossel, by SBT, the actress has grown up and now exudes style and sensuality on social media. However, she generated some controversy for investing in cooler looks, with a generous neckline and bare midriff.

“From former child actress to what now? She hasn’t turned into a whore, has she?” “If you told me she started an OnlyFans, I would believe it,” another commented. On Instagram Stories, Simoney’s daughter responded rudely and warned Internet users that she would take legal action against malicious comments.

“You want and you don’t know how to ask, but relax, it will come to your house, yes, the process (laughs),” replied Aysha, who denied although she wanted to enter the world of adult content, which includes Andressa Urach, ex BBB NizamTHE Fernanda Campos, Neymar’s ex-lover and even Erasmo Vianawho had a recent sex video leaked from the platform.

Simony’s daughter lost 40kg and underwent plastic surgery after childhood bullying

It is worth mentioning that Aysha Benelli has undergone a change in appearance in recent years, such as weight loss and nose plastic surgery to regain your self-esteem after childhood bullying. “I didn’t have to change that many things, I didn’t break a bone or anything. I tuned it up and took a little spin,” she said.

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