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Grey’s Anatomy: ‘I Really Don’t Like You’… Here’s Why Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) Hated Camilla Ludington (Joe)

Did you know that Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) and Camilla Ludington (Joe) weren’t dating at all when they met on the set of Grey’s Anatomy? no And yet, it really is! The two actors took advantage of the launch of the podcast called “Call It What Is” to reveal this incredible anecdote to fans.

“I doubted everything and especially myself”

Dr. Robbins’ interpreter got straight to the point: “I didn’t love you. I really don’t like you!” He then explains: “What happened was that when I went back to work after having a baby, I had a serious lack of self-confidence and saw everything as a threat. In this case, you doubt everything, from everyone and especially from yourself.”

Jessica Capshaw explains her thoughts: “Maybe that’s why I didn’t see who you really were when I first met you. I was too focused on my own insecurities. I just got back on set and people were amazed at the beauty of the young women who joined the cast.”

“I realized very quickly that you don’t like me.”

“Maybe I wasn’t feeling well myself, and looking at all this from the outside and seeing these beautiful young women, I decided I didn’t like you.He honestly admitted. In turn, Camilla Ludington confirms: “I realized very quickly that you don’t like me.”

The one who gives his features to Joe goes back to the incident that changed everything: “Production brought a food truck to the set. I took a photo with the intention of tweeting it and thanking everyone. But someone was not a fan of this idea. “

He explains: “You were eating a burger like everyone else in the background, but tell me you didn’t ask if I could take a photo before I posted it. I was afraid of what I did because I was new and scared. It was Jessica Capshaw. After all, I thought you hated me for a burger!” “

Fortunately, things improved when they met at a sushi restaurant. Other cast members who canceled at the last minute: “We fell in love at that moment.” Great story, isn’t it?

Source: Allocine

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