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Former BBB Reveals Secret Trick to Get Husband to Apologize: Sleeping ‘Without Clothes’

Former BBB Reveals Secret Trick to Get Husband to Apologize: Sleeping ‘Without Clothes’

A BBB14 participant said she makes a habit of apologizing to her husband after arguments.

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One of the muses of BBB14, Clara EagleShe said she has a “secret trick” to get her husband to always apologize after arguments: sleeping without clothes on. Used to talking about spicy topics on Instagram, she listed the benefits of this habit.

The suggestion was a hit with followers. In the video, Clara gives three tips, saying that sleeping without clothes is good for women’s intimate health, as well as helping them sleep better at night.

But the “most important” thing, according to her, was until the end of the video. “The fourth is more important: it makes the boyfriend or husband apologize even in an argument in which he was right,” she continued.

In the caption, she confessed that she used makeup at home to improve their relationship. “Have you applied the latest one yet? I always do,” she wrote.

In the comments, followers said the tip was “worth its weight in gold.” “She has the password,” another commented. “I always sleep naked because of this,” another wrote. A fourth responded: “Last perk has destroyed me.”

Source: Terra

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