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Eggs for Breakfast: 5 Ways to Prepare the Food

Eggs for Breakfast: 5 Ways to Prepare the Food

Eggs for Breakfast: 5 Ways to Prepare the Food

Are you tired of always eating scrambled eggs for breakfast? Check out these ideas to vary your preparation and have fun

Many people, especially when they are losing weight or trying to follow a high protein diet, add scrambled eggs to your breakfast. And in fact this can be a good idea, always remembering to eat them together with other foods, such as carbohydrates, fruit, other proteins, etc.

However, in many cases, after a while the person ends up getting tired of the same scrambled eggs for breakfastand then it’s better to give it variety, right?

Look down 5 ways to eat eggs for breakfast:

Creamy scrambled egg

First of all, you can’t give up scrambled eggs, but prepare them in a different, more powerful way. To do this, you can use milk, ricotta and grated cheese to make the food creamier and tastier.


Another idea, often used by those who want to lose weight, is the crepioca. One of its main advantages is that it is very easy and quick to prepare, in addition to using simple ingredients to find.

As for the filling of the crepioca, it can vary depending on your preferences. However, it is interesting that it contains another source of protein, such as chicken.

Poached egg

Do you like soft yolks? Then poached eggs might be the perfect breakfast for you. Although many people don’t know how to make it, it’s not that complicated.

Just break it and put it to cook in boiling water with vinegar, remembering to mix the water beforehand to create a “vortex” in the center, where the egg will be placed. Afterwards, the food must remain there for 3 minutes and then be removed and put in cold water. Finally, season as you prefer.

Egg Sandwich

This delicious option is also very interesting. And the best thing is that you can have many variations inside it, since the egg in the sandwich can be scrambled or fried and different accompaniments can appear.


Finally, the frittata can be more common for lunch or dinner, but it is also ideal for breakfast. Add other ingredients, such as cheese and turkey breast, to make it even tastier.

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