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Ana Hickmann Is ‘Breathless’ After Edu Guedes Proposes Marriage

Ana Hickmann Is ‘Breathless’ After Edu Guedes Proposes Marriage

“Your body is shaking like this, I’ve never felt it before,” the groom said after hearing the presenter’s yes during a trip to Portugal.

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Ana Hickmann, 43, showed her reaction after Edu Guedes, 50, proposed to her. The presenter shared a video on her YouTube channel with moments from her trip to Portugal with her current boyfriend.

The publication begins with Edu picking up Ana by car at the Lisbon airport. In the car he shows the bouquet of flowers he received.

After spending the day together, the couple shows part of the dinner and drinks wine. “My Prince Charming,” Ana says of Edu. After a kiss and to the sound of a romantic song, she appears with the ring on her finger.

“It left me breathless, crying, emotional and it was the most beautiful thing in the world,” says the presenter.

“I felt your heart beating so hard, so hard, your body shaking like I’ve never felt before. I was so happy, Ana,” Edu commented on his bride’s reaction.

Edu Guedes Reveals Details of His Engagement to Ana Hickmann: 'We Are Very Happy'

“At lunchtime he gave me a letter that I don’t agree with because it’s only mine. At the end it said: PS will you marry me? And I said yes,” Ana continued.

The request was made on June 27, when the couple had been together for just over 3 months. In May of this year, the Court of São Paulo granted Ana Hickmann’s request for divorce and officially separated her from Alexandre Correa.

Court Orders Divorce of Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa

Source: Terra

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