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“I Didn’t Know I Missed It This Much,” Malu Mader Says About Returning to TV After Eight Years

“I Didn’t Know I Missed It This Much,” Malu Mader Says About Returning to TV After Eight Years

The actress returns to soap operas in ‘Renascer’, on TV Globo, next Tuesday 9

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After a eight year break, Malu Mader celebrates her return to soap operas next week. On Tuesday 9th the actress will make her debut in Rebornfrom TV Globo, in the role of the peasant Aurora, who wants to know the cocoa production process on the farms of José Inocêncio, played by Marcos Palmeira.

In an interview with the newspaper The globeMalu Mader said that one of the reasons that led her to accept the role was because it was a novel by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and adapted by his nephew, Bruno Luperi.

“In 34 years at Rede Globo, I had never done a Benedito soap opera, which I regretted. In addition to the possibility that Reborn I would like to talk about the great question of our time, which is the need for an urgent change in the way we relate to the earth and the environment,” he said.

The actress also said she is open to new productions after the soap opera. “I’m always open to the beautiful surprises that life offers me. And I didn’t know I missed them so much.”

Jose Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira) and Aurora (Malu Mader)

The artist also commented on the changes he has seen in soap operas during his time away. “The great and wonderful change has been that soap operas have an increasingly unavoidable commitment to diversity. Racial and gender inclusion is much more common on TV today and old taboos are being discussed openly. Nothing could be richer for our work than this result.”

Source: Terra

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