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Expert report finds that Ana Hickmann’s signatures were forged in bank contracts

Expert report finds that Ana Hickmann’s signatures were forged in bank contracts

The results of the expert assessments show that the signatures on the documents “do not come from the hand” of the rapporteur

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The presenter Ana Hickmann had falsified the signatures of three contracts signed with banking institutionsthe Criminalistic Institute (IC) of San Paolo concluded in an expert report.

The information was requested from the IC by the State Criminal Investigation Department (DEIC), attached to the São Paulo Civil Police, which issued the indictment. I spray in the information confirmed by Earth.

The results of the expert assessment confirmed that the the signatures present in the documents “do not come from the hand of Ana Lúcia Hickmann Correa”as shown in the report sent to the Deic. Hickmann’s consensus was forged in contracts signed with the banks Safra, Itaú and Daycoval.

In November 2023, at Spectacular Sunday, The host accused her ex-husband, Alexandre Correa, of squandering her assets and forging signatures. She says she found “legal and illegal” documents, checks and transactions, as well as signatures that she was sure were not his at the time.

The presenter also commissioned a private report, which revealed that the 48 signatures contested by Ana Hickmann were in fact false and had been signed by Cláudia Helena dos Santos, the presenter’s former manager and Alexandre Correa’s right-hand woman.

The investigation also revealed that the former agent added elements of his signature to the minutes of the loan requests in the name of the famous woman, in addition to highlighting that the loan documents “bear the signature of Alexandre Bello Correa, which demonstrates awareness of the criminal action”.

Alexandre Correa, in turn, denied the accusations, saying that “there is no way to prove whether the signatures were made or not” by Hickmann.

Source: Terra

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