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Ana Hickmann x Alexandre Correa: Police confirms the falsification of the presenter’s signatures on the documents

Ana Hickmann x Alexandre Correa: Police confirms the falsification of the presenter’s signatures on the documents

Ana Hickmann had her signature forged on 48 documents, including bank loan agreements.

The judicial war between Ana Hickman and her ex-husband, Alexander Correareceived a controversial twist this Saturday (06). According to information on the website of journalist Leo Dias, the police concluded that the presenter’s signature had been forged on several documents. including financing agreements with banks.

The complementary documentary report was requested by the State Department of Criminal Investigation (DEIC) and carried out by the Institute of Criminalistics. The signatures attributed to Ana in 48 documents were analyzed.

According to the publication, the expert report “has categorically proven that none of them came from the presenter’s fist.” Now, Ana and the legal team are awaiting the official conclusion about who committed the crime.

DEIC opened the investigation in May, after Ana sent an expert report she hired, which concluded that the signatures on 48 documents had been falsified.


According to the Del Picchia Institute, It was Cláudia Helena dos Santos, Ana’s former personal assistant and great right-hand woman for 13 years.who forged signatures. Among the documents in which forgeries were found were contracts with the banks Daycoval, Safra and Itaú.

The report revealed that Claudia added elements of her own signature to the forgery. “Claudia Helena dos Santos performed the imitations so casually and carefreely that she practically ‘created’ a signature to be attributed to Ana Lúcia Hickmann. She put…

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