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The actor of “Liontia” died unexpectedly at the age of 30: “Doctors have no explanation”

The actor of “Liontia” died unexpectedly at the age of 30: “Doctors have no explanation”

Mike Heslin died at the age of 30 on July 2, his husband Scotty Dynamo said on Instagram. The actor and producer was hospitalized for a week and died due to a “unexpected heart attack”.

Doctors are reportedly unable to find an explanation for the sudden death of the TV star, who would have had her birthday at the end of July.

“Michael was young, He was in good health and the doctors have no explanation for what happened,” says Dynamo.

Mike was one of her husband’s main supports in his fight against cancer.

“Michael was brilliant, selfless, talented and a guardian angel in life. He saw me through many rounds of cancer. “He was the first person everyone called to share good news and was the perfect person to call if they needed a shoulder to lean on or the best advice.”

“Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You are my world. You are everything to me. When I felt you took your last breath, my heart was shattered into a million pieces. If I had the power to trade places with you, I would in an instant. But I’ll take it day by day like you always told me and live each day in your honor.”

Mike Heslin and his husband had plans to become parents

In the touching message, Scotty Dynamo revealed that they were looking to expand their family.

“Just a week ago, we were at the first stages of creating a family and we regularly shared our favorite baby names for our future children. You always told me you felt like you were meant to be a father and I couldn’t agree more. “You would be the most perfect father in the world.”

Dinamo also reported it Mike was a donor and four families were able to have children thanks to him.

“We are three weeks away from your birthday and four months away from our first wedding anniversary, but I know you are in a better place and that heaven has gained another angel,” he concluded.

Who was Mike Heslin?

Mike Heslin was an actor, writer and producer known for his roles in series such as ‘Younger’, ‘I Love You but I Lied’ and ‘I Dream Too Much’.

In addition to his work on television, he also distinguished himself as a director and writer.

In 2020, he created and starred in the mockumentary ‘The Influencers’, which was nominated for a Queerty Award and aired on Prime Video. She also appeared in the Christmas movie ‘The Holiday Proposal Plan’ and Taylor Sheridan’s 2023 series ‘Lioness’, in which she shared the credits Nicole Kidman, Zoe Saldana and Morgan Freeman.

Originally from California, Mike Heslin moved to the East Coast to study for a BA in Directing at the Boston Conservatory.

Source: univision

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