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Confirmed? Neymar’s Sister Surprises With Mavie and Helena Tattoos

Confirmed? Neymar’s Sister Surprises With Mavie and Helena Tattoos

Rafaella Santos, Neymar’s sister, got a new tattoo in honor of Mavie and newborn Helena; Wait!

Raffaella Santos, player’s sister NeymarI took advantage of Tuesday 07/09 to get a new tattoo and I was surprised by the choice of design. The tattoo artist Biela Vianna published the draft of the design in her stories, with the names Mavie AND Elenaasking followers who would be the person who would get the tattoo.

This morning, Raffaella she went into the studio and confirmed fans’ suspicions that she would be paying tribute to her nieces. please note Mavie9 months, she is the player’s daughter Brown Biancardi. Already Elena she is the daughter of Amanda Kimberlyand the suspicion is that he is also the father.

So far, however, he has not commented. Despite this, the player’s sister has already shown how much she loves the newborn and has been chosen as godmother.

Neymar he is also the father of David Lucca12 years old, the result of his old relationship with Carol Dantas. Rafa he even has a tattoo in her honor.

Look at the tattoo sketch!

Source: Terra

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