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Paola Salcedo’s family denies she was murdered for ‘assault’: Carlos Salcedo and his wife are accused

Paola Salcedo’s family denies she was murdered for ‘assault’: Carlos Salcedo and his wife are accused

The family of Paola Salcedo, a presenter who was murdered on the night of July 29 outside a circus, rejects that the motive for the crime was an attempt to steal her belongings.

On Friday, July 5, the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico announced in a release that it had arrested two suspects in connection with the murder.

The agency said that at the time of the events, the person identified as Miguel Ángel ‘N’ “threatened the contact with a firearm” “to take away her belongings”.

However, as “the victim” allegedly objected, this subject shot him and then fled with his accomplice José Iván ‘N’ on a motorcycle, they explained.

For his part, journalist Carlos Jiménez reported on his show “C4 en alert” that those arrested allegedly confessed to the police that they were “taking drugs, smoking rock” near the scene.

They would detail that when the banned substance and money ran out, they decided to commit a crime.

“Because they saw a woman alone, it was easy for them to go and attack her, she resisted and that’s why they shot her,” the reporter said of the accused’s alleged testimony.

Paola Salcedo’s family confirms it was ‘not an attack’

On July 8, days after authorities revealed the alleged motive for Paola Salcedo’s attack, her relatives rejected the version.

On the Instagram account of the late “influencer”, which is now managed by her mother, María Isabel Hernández, a video was published on the subject.

“It was not an attack. #JusticiaParaPaola #Femicide,” the caption reads, with no further argument on the matter.

However, the excerpt, which is part of a report made for the aforementioned telecast, lays out what the content creator’s relatives believe.

“The family still doesn’t believe it was stolen, they insist Carlos Salcedo is responsible,” says Carlos Jiménez.

Relatives of Paola Salcedo accuse Carlos Salcedo and his wife of her murder

In the “show” it was clarified that the hostess’s loved ones told “that in 2018 she discovered” that Andrea Navarro, the footballer’s wife, “was unfaithful to her”.

The businesswoman would have cheated on the athlete, it is claimed, with her cousin-brother Erik Yair Chávez: “Allegedly, Paola showed him evidence of what was said and the couple broke up for a few months.”

“Paola’s family assures that in 2020, Andrea and her sisters threatened the victim on several occasions, through social networks and through some acquaintances,” they report.

“They allege that Andrea bragged to her inner circle about her association with the Tepito cartel,” they also added.

Relatives of the journalist, who is also a public relations specialist, according to the newspaper, said they were surprised that “Carlos never contacted them after the crime and did not even attend his sister’s wake.”

So far, the soccer star has not commented on the accusations that cite him as the culprit in Paola’s death.

Source: univision

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