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“The Little Tiger Game”: How to cure gambling addiction?

“The Little Tiger Game”: How to cure gambling addiction?

“The Little Tiger Game”: How to cure gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is a disorder that requires medical monitoring; expert talks about the problem

Gambling addiction is a disorder that has become increasingly widespread, especially after the emergence of online gambling games that fraudulently promise big winnings and have a high potential for addiction, such as the famous “tigrinho game”, which has been the subject of numerous police operations.

In addition to being investigated for suspected membership in a complex pyramid scheme, the online game is also accused of using digital influencers and trial versions to give the impression that there are many more chances of winning than are actually offered.

In November 2023, the influencers Du Campelo, Gabriel and Ricardo were arrested in Curitiba and seized luxury cars, weapons and cash dollars with an estimated turnover of around R$ 13 million in just six months. They are being investigated for crimes against the popular economy, criminal association, running a lottery without legal authorization and money laundering.

How does gambling addiction affect the brain?

The onset of gambling addiction is multifactorial and can be influenced by the type and frequency of gambling, the emotional state of the individual and also by changes in the brain’s neurotransmitters, particularly dopamine, explains the psychiatrist. Dr. Flavio H. Nascimento.

“Risky decisions, which are very common in games of this type, activate areas of the brain such as the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, the orbital frontal cortex and the insula, linked to the ‘cerebral reward system’, responsible for regulating the sensation of pleasure linked to a certain action”.

“People with a gambling addiction show more activity in these regions. Gambling is encouraged by the release of dopamine, which brings a feeling of pleasure, when the results are positive. This search for a pleasant sensation contributes to addiction, with compulsive gamblers experiencing euphoria when dopamine is released in the brain,” explains Dr. Flávio H. Nascimento.

Symptoms of gambling addiction

  • Constant need to bet ever-increasing amounts;
  • Repeated attempts to interrupt or control betting;
  • Excessive preoccupation with gambling;
  • Betting to relieve feelings of anxiety, guilt or depression;
  • Lying to family and friends to hide the extent of gambling involvement;
  • Losing important relationships, work or educational opportunities because of gambling.

How is gambling addiction treated?

Medical treatment is essential for the rehabilitation of an individual suffering from gambling addiction. “Medical treatment of gambling addiction includes psychotherapy to change habits and thoughts related to the problem, but medications can also be used to treat anxiety or other emotional problems related to addiction,” emphasizes the expert. “Support groups and counseling are also important resources in treatment and help identify the triggers of addiction,” emphasizes Dr. Flávio H. Nascimento.

Source: Terra

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